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Mercedes Whatsapp   Campaign


In 2018 we've been reached by Mercedes-Jeddah marketing team to establish a whatsapp campaign.

Mercedes wanted to create informative, promotional, fun content to be sharable via Whatsapp. 

The challenge we faced is that it was the first time for Mercedes to enter such a platform, so it might look weird or unaccepted for some people. At the end of the day these contents will be entering their phone.

Therefore, we decided to come up with a series of content that is smooth, so not a lot. And beautiful so people would not mind having these contents sent to them.

So we created four main themes: Easy to enjoy, Simple, Smart, and Local.


Easy to enjoy theme example: A very easy and simple image about Juma'ah.

Smart theme example: Using Juxtaposition to present the idea of "harmony" in the road.

Smart theme example: presenting a feature of a product in a simple way.

Local theme example: using an image of a local activity done in the weekend with a simple headline "أيش جوكّم", a phrase used regularly before coming up for a fun plan. 

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