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Darat al-Qahwa

Communications . Visual Identity   . Social Media  Content Creation . Packaging Design . Architectural Design . Photography 

Darat al-Qahwa is a 50 years old coffee roaster and in it is considered to be the first cafe in Jeddah. It is well known for it is quality and traditional coffee roasting methods. Darat al-Qahwa serves a wide range of customers and could attract the old & new generations.

For over 3 years, we've been with Darat al-Qahwa as a marketing and design partner. We've provided them with multiple solutions in different areas including branding and social media content creation. 

The main concern of Darat al-Qahwa team was to build a new marketing strategy and visual executions that reflects the heritage, values, and traditions of the brand and the people behind it. Whilst keeping a standards of current market activities and visual appearances.

Photography for social media: considering the history of the brand, the photography style needed to be natural, simple, and in the moment, with a "vintagy" effect that gives the images the rustic look & feel.

Designs for social media including product promotions, greetings and other topics