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Be More Branding Request Form.

Thank you for your interest in our branding services. Please fill the form so we can send you the price estimate.

Thank you for your Request. We will get back to you within 48 hours.

What does the package include?

It includes the following:

1. Brand Strategy Workshop - Primary

2. Concept Creation

3. Branding & Design

_ 3 Logo Directions

_ Visual Identity: Includes brand colors, brand typography, brand shapes.

_ Brand Guideline: A document explaining the usage of the logo and the elements developed in the visual identity.

4. Brand Applications

Your selection of 10 items from brand applications below.

Business card, letterhead, folder, envelopes (DL- C4), stamp, ID card, bag, pen, Brooch, notebook, social media template (feed post, story), paper cup, box, presentation template, Email signature. 

What if I need extra implementations?

If you need extra implementations than the 10 included in the package, you can tell us in the form and will include it in the price estimate.

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